New York Times Promotes Abortion

The New York Times Promotes Abortion

The New York Times editorial board released a major series of opinion pieces to promote abortion.

The Times delivered this cleverly designed and severely one-sided puff-piece focusing on New York State to its international audience. Each piece makes an argument out of an exception, leveraging partially-told stories to emotionally hook their readers. Discerning readers will see through the smoke screen, but a few quotes are worth immediate comment.

A society that embraces a legal concept of fetal personhood would necessarily compromise existing ideals of individual freedom.

New York Times

Somehow, the Times argues that recognizing that people are people everywhere at any stage of development would reduce freedom. Every time a society has determined that some people are “more human” than others, bad things happen.

In addition to bringing New York’s abortion law up to today’s federal standard, the Reproductive Health Act would permit nurse practitioners, physicians assistants and midwives to provide nonsurgical abortion care, reducing wait times.

New York Times

While common sense measures like requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital have been enacted in many states around the country, the
Times and the pro-abortion legislators behind the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) are pushing for lower standards of care in women’s reproductive health. Allowing non-physicians to perform abortions (the RHA doesn’t specify “nonsurgical”) may reduce waiting times…but lowers quality of care.