Tax Money Abortion

More of our Tax Money Spent on Abortion

 Governor Cuomo’s Reproductive Health Act represents the largest and most radical expansion of abortion since Roe v Wade. This means New Yorkers will see even more of their tax dollars go toward abortions.

Abortion activists claim they strive for “Safe, legal, and rare” abortions. Abortion is far from rare in our state. 30% of NY pregnancies end in abortion. In 2016, there were 82,189 abortions performed in New York State. 49% of those were paid for by NY Medicaid, more than any other method of payment. In just one year, our tax dollars paid for 40,491 abortions. If the average cost of an abortion is $585, then the people of NY spent over $23.7 Million to abort babies. The Memo from the RHA’s sponsor Sen. Stewart-Cousins explicitly declared that it is “intended to ensure continued public funding of abortion services.”

The Reproductive Health Act completely deregulates abortion procedures, legalizes more dangerous and costly late-term abortion procedures and allows non-physicians to perform abortions. With a radical expansion of legal procedures and an increased supply of abortionists, New Yorkers can anticipate an increased number of abortions and costly abortion-related complications. More abortions equals more taxpayer dollars spent on abortion.