Unrestricted Abortion

This post originally published on Real Abortion News.

An extreme minority of people think that unrestricted abortion is a good idea. And yet, the New York legislature is expected to pass a bill in January, called the Reproductive Health Act, totally deregulating abortion.

Imagine your 12 year old daughter wants an appendectomy and there’s a bill permitting nurses to perform appendectomies without parental consent. Do you think that the State legislature knows best when it comes to your daughter’s health and life? Wouldn’t you question the quality of care your daughter would receive?

The Reproductive Health Act represents just this kind of irresponsible overreach…government getting between parents and their children and patients and their doctors. Further, it expands abortion to all nine months of pregnancy and allows babies who survive an abortion procedure to be killed.

RHA: Will of the People?

This post originally published on Real Abortion News.

New York plans to pass the Abortion Expansion Bill [Reproductive Health Act] in January. Governor Cuomo vowed to see it signed into law within the first 30 days of the 2019 session. Variations of this bill have been rejected for years by members of both parties. Why? Because it drastically lowers the medical standard of care for women.

The bill makes abortion a human right equal to freedom of speech, permits non-doctors to perform surgical procedures, protects abortionists from liability over botched abortions, expands abortion to all nine months of pregnancy, and allows babies who survive an abortion procedure to be killed.

After numerous bipartisan defeats does this radical abortion expansion really reflect the will of the people of NY?

The RHA: Abortion Extremism?

This post originally published on Real Abortion News.

Abortion extremism means abortion for any reason, at any cost. Is the 2019 New York legislature comprised of abortion extremists? The Reproductive Health Act is promoted by both the Governor and Senate Majority heir apparent Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

The bill blindly insists, “Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures performed in the United States.” Given the hundreds of medical studies (see scores of previous Real Abortion News posts) done world-wide demonstrating substantial increased health risks including breast cancer, future pre-term deliveries, and adverse psychological affects, the bill displays colossal arrogance.

Is abortion made safe simply by the magic wand of the New York legislation? Apparently, women need not worry about the negative side-effects of abortion because the New York legislature can rule them right out of existence.

More Taxpayer Funded Abortions

This post originally published on Real Abortion News.

Forty-nine percent (49%) of all New York abortions are covered by tax-payers, according to the recently published New York vital statistics report. That means that in 2016, 40,491 abortions were paid for by you and me, costing us $23.7 million. For perspective, 40,000 abortions represent almost half the population of Albany.

Now New York is looking to expand the amount spent on abortion. According to the memo attached to the Reproductive Health Act the purpose of the legislation is, “Intended to insure continued public funding of abortion services.”

A 2009 Guttmacher literature review reveals that “18-37% of pregnancies that would have ended in Medicaid funded abortions were carried to term when funding was no longer available.”

The formula is simple: Free abortion equals more abortions.

How Do We Know Abortion Is Safe?

This post originally published on Real Abortion News.

Through medical experimentation Nazi doctors committed atrocious crimes against humanity. To keep this from happening again the Nuremberg Code was developed. Provision three of the code states, “The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation…that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the experiment.”

A study regarding safety testing for abortion says: “We have not been able to find any animal studies of vacuum aspiration abortion published in the peer-reviewed medical literature.”

Since there is zero evidence of safety in animal trials, surgical abortion is technically experimental.

If politicians were truly interested in protecting women’s rights wouldn’t they be calling for an investigation of abortion instead of expanding it via the Reproductive Health Act?