Parental Rights

Is NY a Good Parent?

The Reproductive Health Act (RHA) is not just about women’s health, it’s about government intrusion on parental rights. If the RHA deems access to contraception and abortion fundamental human rights it immediately places parental rights at odds with the state.

In order to access contraception and abortion one must go through the medical profession. For a minor to access the medical profession, they must go through their parents. This is the case because the immaturity of the child often prevents them from perceiving what is best for them. The parent is responsible for the life and health of their child. Therefore the parent is always involved in decisions which relate to their health and wellbeing. Making contraception and abortion a fundamental human right overrides the ability of the parent to manage and monitor the health and wellbeing of the child.

As of right now, New York State requires parental consent for something as minor as a body piercing or tattoos. In fact, even with parental consent, a minor under 18 cannot use a tanning bed at all. Under Cuomo’s radical abortion bill, a minor will be able to get a surgical procedure and carcinogenic drugs without parents even knowing. Does it make any sense for a child to be able to access life-altering medical treatments but not be able to get an artificial tan?

Why would a state government want to assume parental responsibilities for something as important as the reproductive health of the next generation? Why would any self-respecting physician even consider treating a minor without parental involvement? Most New York voters are in favor of parental notification laws. What special kind of arrogance is it that would permit a legislature to change the tradition of medicine and intrude on the responsibility of moms and dads?

How Do We Know Abortion Is Safe?

This post originally published on Real Abortion News.

Through medical experimentation Nazi doctors committed atrocious crimes against humanity. To keep this from happening again the Nuremberg Code was developed. Provision three of the code states, “The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation…that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the experiment.”

A study regarding safety testing for abortion says: “We have not been able to find any animal studies of vacuum aspiration abortion published in the peer-reviewed medical literature.”

Since there is zero evidence of safety in animal trials, surgical abortion is technically experimental.

If politicians were truly interested in protecting women’s rights wouldn’t they be calling for an investigation of abortion instead of expanding it via the Reproductive Health Act?

Christians Are Being Christians

The RHA Story

Christians Are Being Christians

Christians believe all human beings are made in the image of God and are therefore equally valuable. It’s no surprise then that Christians have always been on the front lines in fights against systemic injustice. Wherever there is injustice, there Christians will be.

The unequaled systemic injustice of our day is abortion. Preborn people are not considered human by the State, so they can be killed. It is the exploitation of isolated women and the destruction of voiceless children.

Most women in unplanned pregnancies don’t want to have abortions. They feel stuck, backed into a corner by their circumstances with no good way out. What do Christians do? In attempt to peacefully resolve the oppression, they reach out to at-risk women one at a time, dignifying them with support and resources so they are truly free… free to say no to abortion if they so choose.

NY Insists on Unchristian Behavior

With the Reproductive Health Act, the government of New York has elevated abortion to a human right. This immediately puts the “right of abortion” at odds with freedoms of religion and speech. 

Freedom of religion means the ability to practice religious beliefs in the public square without hindrance or reprisal. A core Christian belief is that every human being is made in the image of God and therefore intrinsically valuable, irrespective of maturity.

In obedience to God’s law Christians must refuse to facilitate abortions. New York State law would make that simple act of refusal a human rights violation.

Should Christians be coerced by the state to facilitate the process of an abortion in violation of their deeply held religious beliefs? 

Christians Refuse

When the dictates of the state and the revelation of the Almighty require different behaviors, is it better to obey the state, or obey God? Christians answer to a higher authority, which is precisely why a secular government cannot peacefully coexist with practical Christianity. Christians refuse to participate in the lies. They refuse to bear false witness and say of their preborn brother, “You are not my brother.”

And so the age-old story repeats itself: The Kingdom of God vs. the Kingdom of Man. What will believers in our age do? 

Let us be inspired by Biblical Examples of Courage. Let us take this as God’s sovereign opportunity to communicate the truth in the face of injustice. When we are brought before rulers and judges, God will give us the words to say. The state can stand in judgment, but the Judge will have the final word.